Beginnings –

The analogy of the 3 legged stool isn’t new – unfortunately I can’t claim to have originated the brilliant idea! When I first heard of the 3 legged stool I was a graduate student at SNU in a management class and we were discussing how important balancing the critical needs of a business were in order for that organization to be successful. Now, years later, I was forced to look at my life and I discovered that the 3 important legs of my stool have been out of balance for a long, long time. Again, the analogy of the 3 legged stool made perfect sense but this time it pertained to my life instead of a business.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I discovered that the 3 legs of my stool are my personal life, my professional life, and, most importantly, my spiritual life.

Last year was undoubtedly the most difficult year of my life on all levels – I could not believe what was happening around me, to me, and to those people I loved. More on that later….

When I took time to really look back at everything that happened in 2009 I realized that the 3 legs to my stool were critically out of balance – I truly believe that the imbalance was the cause of so much of my own personal unhappiness, as well as professional frustration, and spiritual angst. I kept praying and asking God what was going on, why were these things were happening to me…. finally, I started to discover the answers I had been seeking.

So here I am – I believe that I am called to serve others in some way. I began this blog in hopes that I might touch others struggling with the same things I struggled with last year. I hope that maybe this blog can save you some time and, perhaps, some personal pain and frustration. Personally, I plan to continue my journey and try to keep the 3 legs of my stool in balance. I hope you’ll join me!!