Here We Go – 2011

Well some things have definitely changed since I started my blog about a year ago.  I am employed!  I was the Executive Director of a very special nonprofit preschool for Hispanic children for a couple of years and left in 2007; last year I was the school’s grant writer part-time and was an Adjunct Professor part-time as well.  In August 2010, I began working back at the school part-time as its Executive Director.  I could NOT be happier back at work, and am so blessed to work with the most dedicated and wonderful group of women in Oklahoma City!  Our children are so bright and loveable – I am truly blessed.

After a lot of thought and research, I am back in school!  I decided to quit teaching so that I could concentrate on obtaining a doctorate.  I’m a student working towards a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of the Rockies in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I’ll go on campus several times during the next 4 years (yes, at least 4 years!) for residency weekends with my peers.  It was the perfect choice for me; I am very excited about what I’ve chosen to do.  I decided to have a dual emphasis doctorate in Organizational and Educational Leadership.  I will be back in the classroom one day teaching, but will have the educational background to work with corporations creating training programs or work teams.

Spiritually I have grown so much this past year – I have so much more growing to do.  I’ve read a couple of books by John Ortberg that have helped me define my spiritual needs and what I’ve been missing.  I have met some people through Twitter that have made a huge impact on me and my Christianity; it’s amazing how Twitter can be such a springboard to so many learning opportunities.

So – many things have changed in my life in the last year; however, some things have not.  I’m still trying to find the balance between the three legs of my stool – it’s a lifelong process and I recognize that it takes a lot of work and dedication.  I just KNOW that the quality of my life will improve with balance in those three keys areas: personal life, spiritual life, and my professional life.

I hope you will share your challenges and triumphs with me on this site.  Let’s take this trip together – shall we?