Prayer ….

A friend called me Tuesday and casually dropped the bomb that his doctor thought he had pancreatic cancer. We’ll call him Jack (not his name) and we are very old friends. Jack is NOT a believer but I told him I was going to rally my troops and we were going to pray. He said “ok” – I told him it was the ONLY thing I could do to help

I was devastated for Jack – I knew he’d been sick, but I had no clue he was “that” sick. The tears wouldn’t stop – I shouldn’t have been driving – and talking on my cell. Jack has young and precious kids – he is an amazing man, but always a non-believer and proud of it. I’ve been around a family who watched their mom die in anguish from pancreatic cancer. It wasn’t pretty, nor was it an easy death. Jack ….. no, not now – not ever.

I walked into work and sobbed out the news to Jess and Patty. They know who Jack is – he and I have worked together for years on different projects. We immediately started praying. I had already called Lance – he really likes Jack and has spent quite a bit of time with him too. I called another friend – Jack is a mutual friend. She said that she knew prayer had healed her and she said she would start praying.

To make a longer story short, I called Jack the next day when I knew he had gotten his biopsy results. I asked – “well you won’t believe this but it’s not pancreatic cancer, looked like it on the CT but it’s not.” I said “I immediately started a prayer chain for you yesterday that probably had 25 or so folks participating – I told you buddy, prayers work. Now will you take spirituality seriously?”.

Jack is still suffering from something but now the doctors have ruled out all the really bad stuff – I’m still praying for him, as are others.

You know what? I bet Jack may be praying too. Wouldn’t that be amazing for this miracle, yes I think it’s a miracle, to be that he dodged a horrible type of cancer and found God too? Stranger things have happened…

Prayer works – try it!