Catching Up …..

It’s been quite awhile since I wrote on this blog – I’ve gotten lazy and have used Facebook as my main writing vehicle. But …… so many of my kind friends have encouraged me to write, so here I am for better for worse!!

There’s no way I’m going to bore you with the details of my life for the past 18 months. Let’s just say that as usual nothing went as planned with school, health, the lives of my friends and my family. I had to quit pursuing my doctorate for health reasons and I took a new job.

I’ve finally realized that I just cannot plan my life step by step and be in control of the present or the future. Duh – I’m a slow learner. So it’s back to square one – taking little steps by FAITH and being open to changes and challenges. I’m not good at sitting back and not being in control – but we’ll see how well I let go and let God take the lead.

I hope to attract some new followers who will be willing to enter into conversations with me. I’m not one to keep my opinions to myself but I do like to hear “the other side” always! I may decide that I am not on track and change my mind.

Later my friends – blessings!