Here We Go Again….

I swore I’d never do this again…. the minute I left that four hour test that I had dreaded for months I promised myself that I would never, ever take the HR professional exam again.  Well…. so I let my certification lapse like an IDIOT!  Today, I just forked over cash (enough for several pairs of new shoes and a new Dooney handbag) to join SHRM again and get the materials to study to take the stupid certification test again…. all new format, study materials, online materials, etc.  The worst – now I take the exam online at a Sylvan testing facility and get REAL TIME RESULTS.  Yes, I’d rather wait the 6 weeks like I did in 2001 when I took it the first time.  Really Kim…. wouldn’t it be better just to know as I leave whether or not I passed? Um, no.  Yes I’ve taken tests since then in graduate school, but that was different.  It was a test in a class for a grade working towards my MBA not a PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION TEST.  It’s a totally different animal – grad school was fun.  It was a challenge since I did not put one ounce of effort into my college studies (I can say that because both of my parents have passed away and they won’t know I said that to an audience) because I was focused on having a great time in Norman.  This little graduate school challenge was personal and I was PAYING for it.  Like this re-certification exam, it’s important because (a) I am ready to go back to work full-time and I think it’s important, and (b) I’M PAYING FOR IT.

For my friends who are laughing hysterically – I know, I swore I’d pay attention and never let my SPHR lapse like I let my Certified Legal Assistant Certification.  I did though – totally blew it off.  Now the online materials are ready for me to access and start studying.  My printed study materials are on the way via Fed-Ex Ground.  What am I doing right now?  Griping about how stupid I was in 2012 to blow off the stupid re-certifiction in a blog post.  Will I start studying tonight?  Of course not, I haven’t changed at all.  My test date is in July – so maybe in May……

I work best under pressure.  Let the challenge begin – TOMORROW.