Peaceful Easy Feeling

WOW….. the last two weeks have been INSANE in an incredible, life-affirming way. Remember when I told you in a very recent post that I had been in total radio silence, not hearing a word after applying for job after job for months? Maybe three or four days later, I received a call from an employer to which I’d sent my resume, asking if I would like to interview for the position. This nonprofit is one I’ve donated to for years and have watched for job openings for years because of its mission and history. Not only is it a nonprofit but I had applied for an HR Manager’s job – double bonus points. Exactly the job and the nonprofit I had hoped would contact me; I told Lance and my 3 closest friends. I absolutely did NOT want to get my hopes up or make a big deal about it because I didn’t want to get hurt. 

I had the most fun with the interviewers at my first interview. It was so natural and I felt so comfortable answering their questions and discussing my style as an HR manager. There were no red flags for me, and I had a good feeling when I left their office. It was a Friday and I was ready for the weekend. I thanked God for the opportunity to interview and the affirmation that I was moving in the right direction, and soon a job would be ready for me. Early Monday morning, I received another call and was asked back for a second interview. OK, a little excitement creeped in my soul as I considered the possibilities. Then reality hit – what was I going to wear??? Girls – I’ve been home for 4 years and have had double knee replacements during that time AND I’ve gained weight since Lance has been home. I stared at my beautiful collection of yoga pants and t-shirts. Oh yeah, I got motivated all right – dress, shoes, and all the things I hadn’t focused on (or worn) since 2013. The diversion of figuring out what to wear and how to cover my beautiful zipper looking scars down the front of each leg kept me from getting nervous. I met with staff during my second interview and, again, felt at home. I really started getting excited as we discussed possibilities of the things we could do together. It was so refreshing to use my brain thinking about what I loved to do and meeting people that had been working with the organization for many, many years. I’m not going to lie – I was beside myself with anticipation as I left. 

The difference between this experience and other job interviews is that when I left I was so at peace with whatever decision they would make. I wanted the job only if God wanted me there. I didn’t want to force anything or take a job, just to have a job. I want passion, I want that fire and motivation I’ve had before when the job was right. I prayed for God to slam that door or open it wide. God opened it WIDE last Friday morning, a week after my first interview, when I was offered the job. Everything fell into place – everything!!!! 

I will start my new job at YOUTH SERVICES OF OKLAHOMA COUNTY this coming Monday. Oh boy I’ve got a lot to do in a few days, but that’s fine! I’m excited but more than that, I’m humbled. Thank you Lord for doing what you said you would do when I quit worrying and trying to control the outcome of everything. Let’s play follow the Leader – I’m going to keep being His follower and see what He has in store. 

Peace – I’ll be in my closet if you need me…..