“Because He Lives”

A cherished friend shared this today and I had to share it as well. Life’s little frustrations pile up and I shut down. Probably a sign I’m getting older because challenges and frustrations once motivated me to get on it and fight back. Not so much any longer – I crave peace and harmony. I like knowing what tomorrow will bring.

One of my favorite things about Easter is the music (ok candy too). The music of Easter morning is exciting, promising – A NEW DAY HAS COME! We must look forward because He lives – the stone was rolled away! Christ lives, and as the song encourages us “all fear is gone … I KNOW He holds the future…”

Let go of the frustrations and worries. He lives – He’s promised me that HE HAS THIS and I’m just along for the ride.

Tomorrow Lance and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary – we are so BLESSED. We have so many many things to be grateful for in our lives. We have each other and the future. Everything will fall into place because we love each other and we have faith.

Read this devotional again with eyes of gratitude. Because He lives!!!!

Happy Easter weekend. Peace and blessings!!!