I’m Kim and I’m addicted to Kerrygold butter …

COVID-19 … who knew? I mean REALLY – WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED?! Uh not me for sure – I really was pumped for a great 2020 since 2019 was pretty dicey at times.

So far 2020 has brought such an interesting mix of excitement, such as a frenzy to find toilet paper and bread yeast, and PANIC. Panic because we weren’t ready for COVID at all and we didn’t know what to expect. 😷😷😷

2020 has brought some disappointments too – little irritating things that aren’t major in the grand scheme of life, but I cried about it. Our family has had two precious little ones born – my nephew and his wife welcomed their first child, a little boy, early in March and my niece and her husband welcomed their second daughter in early April. I’m dying to hold these babies and kiss their sweet, chubby cheeks. Lance and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary on April 1st. Yes – he’s a saint! I’ve been married 25 years to one person – who coulda guessed I would GET IT?! On May 16th I will be SIXTY YEARS OLD (holy crap that’s so odd to say). No celebrations other than being happy to be healthy and alive. 🚫🎂🍸🎉

Ok so let’s be honest here – two people in a house both trying to work like normal using conference calls and technology. OMG IT HAS BEEN BRUTAL! I’m so glad we both have been able to work from home and not exposed to others. I’m one of “those” people that need to be careful. I haven’t been out in more than a month but I’ve worked remotely from home for a year as of April 15th. I should have been used to it but I’ve discovered I am a creature of habit and don’t jack with my flow people. Oh man I am rigid with how I do things and I really thought I was a “go with the flow kinda gal” – OH HELL NO. So that’s been interesting. 🔥🔥🔥

Last news flash – I can be sooooo damn healthy and follow a food plan ALONE but put someone in the house with me that likes food and snacks … BRING IT ON! No I have NOT tried on my jeans during this time of COVID. Not gonna either until I have to look nice. 🤞🏻😳

I haven’t had this much fun cooking in years – ok I haven’t had this much fun EATING in years either. 😬

Before I sign off – meet my new boy Cooper. He came to us in July 7th a week after losing the love of my life, Oscar. Coop was barely a year old when he came to save us and make Felix want to live again. He is pure magic mixed with the devil and I am SURE Oscar sent him to us to make us whole again. I can’t even think about those last few days with my big boy without sobbing. I will say that I will always have such love for my neighbors Larry, Matt and Chris who saved our lives that awful Sunday when it was time to help Oscar crossover the Rainbow Bridge. God puts Angels in your path – 🐶🌈😇

Now when I think of my boy Oscar I think of this quote …

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Well so here we go again for another camping season at the Leslie Kampground. Grab your sleeping bag, pillow and bring some snacks. 🌮🍕🧁🍫🍪🍩🍿🍻

Cooper and Kim – the Dynamic Duo