To Mask or Not To Mask – That is the QUESTION …

Yesterday I hit my bullshit threshold – I’ve tried to keep it as high as possible during COVID, but it happened. There was a discussion on Facebook (I just need to take a break I guess to restore my faith in humanity) about whether wearing a mask had become a political statement. WTH?

After reading a man say he was refusing to wear a mask just because he was EXPECTED to and, basically, he didn’t want to be forced into doing anything AND that if someone expected him to do something he was more likely to do the opposite. My first reaction was “WOW YOU ARE MATURE” but I didn’t say that because I really try to not be petty. I mentioned that the concept of wearing a mask was one of doing something for the greater good and out of concern for others. His diatribe and his childishness continued and people continued to respond to him.

I FINALLY said what I’ve been thinking for weeks:

“Ok I’m throwing this out here as a somewhat similar situation and to consider – people carry the herpes virus and can be asymptomatic BUT spread the virus to others through sexual intercourse, for example. They are advised to use a condom not to keep themselves healthy BUT to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others. So in reality we are looking at the same cause and effect, correct? Following that line of thinking, would you be so careless to not protect someone you love, or not if you’re into casual sex, from a genital disease that lingers forever and may become active at any given moment? If you would wear or use a condom, why not wear a mask given what little we know about the late effects of the virus?”

Have we as a country become so cold-hearted and selfish that we do what we want regardless of the scatter effect our actions may have? Are we so lazy that we blame POLITICS for ignorant, selfish behavior that is counterproductive to society. Yes we all have opinions and yes we all have rights. But REALLY PEOPLE – this is a big deal and maybe the BIGGEST deal of our lives.

I will be 60 this weekend and I cannot ever remember being called on as a nation to do something so simple as wearing a mask in public in the HOPES of curtailing this virus that can be carried unknowingly by millions of people but still be deadly to others. We. Do. Not. Have. A. Cure. There is no vaccination or treatment yet – children are seeing a different rare disease appear weeks after testing positive for COVID – young healthy people are having strokes and experiencing blood clots. This is nothing our doctors have faced before in the US or in the WORLD.

Yes put your mask on. If you sweat or become short of breath, take it off while you are away from others and catch your breath. Yes you may feel fine right now – but what if your grandmother or your 18 month old child becomes ill and dies as a result of COVID or a complication from it? Will you regret not being uncomfortable or feeling silly or being looked at strangely while you are out and about?

Let’s see if we can ignore politics and state lines and WHATEVER else there could be AND WORK TOGETHER HERE.

ps – for those of you who plan on telling me to just stay home and deal with it … NO. Yes I realize I could be hit by a careening bus and die as soon as I leave the house – thank you, I NEVER considered it. YES shit happens – I get it more than you could ever know.