MUSIC IS MY CRACK – it was before I even knew what crack was too …

I’m in a super fun bunch of people on FB thanks to my friend Christine. It started when everyone was really missing the NCAA basketball tourney – first ugly dose of what reality was going to look like for awhile. The “organizers” put together a bracket of all-time great TV shows and we played and voted. It. Was. Fun.

I wasn’t happy The Office won the dance but man the process was a great distraction to the daily COVID grind. Did I mention the FB group is all ages and really we are all strangers for the most part. Yes I know a couple of people but I am meeting so many fun people that are pushing me out of my comfort zone. I’m going to binge some old shows based on some of the brackets and discussions. Oh yes, we discuss.

Now we are “doing” music – OH BABY! Yes!! Hallelujah! I am in my comfort zone here kids – but I’m also in my learning zone too. I’m throwing out my favorites and voting while I’m making notes of people and bands to check out. I bet some people are like WTH – Cowboy Junkies? Todd Rundgren? Donovan? Yeah this is awesome and I am thoroughly entertained and will be for days.

So having said that – I am SHOCKED my stand-by favorite band, REM, lost by ONE LOUSY VOTE to Maroon 5 yesterday. REM isn’t moving on … wow. I like Maroon 5 but in my book – there ain’t no comparison kiddos. Miles Davis lost – WTF people he’s an icon. But then again I voted Aerosmith over The Who. I know – but The Who didn’t bring me hours of entertainment in one album named “Toys in the Attic” … need I say more. I was very very pleased that Barbra Streisand won her entry game – Babs is a goddess in this house and always will be. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK if I have my BS playlist going full-blast because it is Kim Karaoke all day long (Felix our 13 yr old Golden Mix hates it – Coop loves Kim Karaoke).

Today there’s tv on with no sound as we listen to a random Spotify playlist in my library. Lance will get to fire off one of his playlists later in the day. I listen to music all day while I work (yes with the tv on too) and I work better.

Honestly everything is better with music.