I am even more concerned and gobsmacked today at 7:32 a.m. than I was yesterday watching the melee in DC. Why? As I read through comments posted on Facebook about one of the worst days in our American history, I continue to see so many people STILL supporting the current President. Not only is it disheartening, but also it is frightening to read the thoughts and beliefs of so many of our neighbors and friends who support this anarchist and corrupt PUBLIC servant.

What am I missing? Why is there so many that condone and applaud his atrocious behavior and that of his zealous, and dangerous, followers? How do we reach these people and convince them that they are THE PROBLEM?

I applaud and salute Mitt Romney and those republicans who stood up against the current administration and DID THE RIGHT THING. It is not too late – the Republican Party must pull together and move in the right direction. If you’re a Republican and DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP AND CONDONE THE MELEE YESTERDAY – please speak up and stand up for our country. I want to talk to you and work with you to help move this nation forward. We must LEARN from the past, not revisit it, and work together to make the US the BEST it can be – one that we all are proud of being a citizen.

It is time – it’s past time actually – to get to work. Tell your representatives and senators in Washington to INVOKE THE 25th AMENDMENT IMMEDIATELY. We cannot take the chance of further destruction and division taking place in the next 2 weeks.

Let me be very clear – I have many friends and family members who are lifelong republicans and I am a voter that does NOT see just red and blue when I vote. However, my attitude has changed and I cannot tolerate or ignore what is happening in the US. If you are not part of the solution to this enormous problem, you are part of the problem. I have ZERO respect for those who continue to be part of this dangerous problem.