The Circle is the Story …

Another late evening text from a dear friend sitting with her mother as she begins her final journey. I stop and pray for her and ask God to give her mom “Angel Wings” to fly to Heaven. I tell my sweet friend to call me anytime tonight – no matter the time, I’ll be here.

I think of her daddy who is left behind here with us waiting for his turn to get those special wings … like my parents they were married over 60 years. High school sweethearts – first and only loves of a life. Now his journey changes as he will have to do something he’s never done as an adult before, live without his love and best friend. My daddy only made it 11 days before he got his wings and was reunited with his Jody. I pray for this dear man and wonderful father. I pray for my friend.

One of the hardest things about being this 61 thing is helping my friends make the transition from being a child to being alone, or becoming the caretaker of a parent. It. Is. So. Hard. All of our experiences are different but we all face the reality of our parents leaving for eternity. The circle of life – we do our best to prepare for it, but we are never ready.

It is happening more regularly now. But last week I lost a good and beloved friend – a former roommate, high school buddy and longtime confidant. I found out a few days before her death that she was dying from pancreatic cancer, just like her mother. We had a “spat” last year and hadn’t spoken since last summer. I had no clue we’d never speak again – she chose not to tell me she was dying. I’ve really been struggling with the lost time and the fact I didn’t get to tell her just how much she meant to me before she passed so quickly. I’ll never let a relationship with a friend just fall apart without trying to save it again. There’s no peace yet – it’s raw and it hurts.

A wonderful mother in her 80’s taking her final flight a week after a dear friend, not even 60 yet, takes her last journey. Yes death is the final segment in the arc of life – but the rest of the circle remains. The circle is the story … not the last arc.

Blessings and prayers to all who face watching their parents make the trip to Eternity. Blessing and prayers to those who are left behind to continue their circle. I’ve learned never to let the circle break, even for a moment, as that break could lead the last segment.